Family Dentistry

Bring Your Kids to Healthy Roots Dentistry!

While Dr. Garrett is not strictly a pediatric dentist, children are welcome at Healthy Roots Dentistry for regular checkups and select procedures. The importance of biannual cleanings cannot be understated when it comes to your general health, so don’t hesitate to bring the whole family in for visits!

Family Scheduling

For your convenience, family scheduling is available to all patients with kids! Make things easier on yourself and take advantage of our family scheduling so we can help you keep everyone’s appointments straight.

You’ll also receive frequent reminders from our office so you never miss an appointment. Your health matters to us!

Tongue-Tie And Oral Restriction Removals

Tongue-ties, or lingual frenulums, are mucous membranes that extend from the floor of your mouth to the middle of the underside of your tongue. They usually pull the center of your tongue downward when the tongue is extended, creating a heart shape rather than a smooth, convex curve. Tongue ties and oral restrictions can lead to improper formation of the upper jaw, speech problems, and even poor posture that will not resolve with chiropractic care until the tie is resolved.

Ties are commonly removed in infants because it can interfere with the baby’s ability to breastfeed. The problems associated with ties are complex and the solution is more complex than simply removing the tie. Dr. Garrett will work closely with a team of professionals which may include lactation consultants, chiropractors, and speech therapists.

The procedure is routinely quick and relatively painless, since there aren’t many nerve endings in the frenulum. It can also be done with or without anesthesia, as necessity dictates.

Trust Us With Your Oral and General Health

At Healthy Roots Dentistry, we’re in the business of helping families stay healthy. Our holistic approach ensures that when you’re in the dentist’s chair, the health and wellbeing of your whole body is being considered, and the best preventative measures are being taken. Give us a call or visit our office to learn more!