Teeth Extractions

While we at Healthy Roots Dentistry will do everything we can to preserve and strengthen your natural teeth, sometimes tooth extractions are necessary because of damage or infection. Below are the circumstances under which we would extract a tooth.

Upper Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’re looking to have your upper wisdom teeth removed, we can take care of that here at Healthy Roots Dentistry! The procedure is common and very simple. You’ll be sedated for the duration of the surgery, which can be completed in a single visit no longer than a couple hours.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is not necessary for everyone. Some people don’t have wisdom teeth at all. For those who do have wisdom teeth, there are normally two kinds that can emerge: regular and impacted.

Regular wisdom teeth can cause little to no dental complications. They can cause crowding in your mouth, but if you’re not experiencing pain, the decision to have them removed is ultimately up to you.

However, dentists may recommend the removal even of regular wisdom teeth because of their increased susceptibility to cavities and difficulty to clean. With extra hygienic care, your wisdom teeth can stay healthy, but if cavities do develop, the damage could easily spread to your other teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth are blocked usually below your gum line. Because of limited space, they are unable to grow properly, and can surface horizontally instead of vertically.

These misdirected teeth can wreak havoc on their neighbors, causing you intense pain. Impacted teeth also provide an environment for plaque and bacteria to grow that can lead to more serious infections.

Ruptured or Abscess Tooth Removal

An abscess tooth is similar to an impacted tooth. It is a tooth that is only partially emerged from the gumline. These teeth are very hard to clean and often result in infection and painful ruptures.

To treat a ruptured tooth, our staff at Healthy Roots Dentistry will first flush the area around the tooth clean of any debris. We may also take an x-ray or digital scan of the tooth to determine the likelihood of it rupturing.

If you’re experiencing pain while chewing or biting, you may have an abscess tooth that needs removal. or if you taste a foul discharge, it means the abscess has probably ruptured. In this case, you should receive speedy treatment before infection occurs.

All Other Extractions

For any other situation in which a tooth might require extracting, we will refer you out to a trusted dentist in your area.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or have an overcrowded mouth, you may qualify for our extraction services. Give us a call or visit our office to schedule an appointment.